Massages by Janice Thompson
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Testimonials of Massage by Janice

"Janice has been able to free up my frozen shoulder and it continues to heal. She is focused on the client and provides great service!"
          - Jenn R.

"I like Janice's massages better than anyone I've gone to! (I've even had massages an Canyon Ranch Spa!) The relaxation lasts for days."
          - Carol S.

"I have chronic low back and hip pain. After a massage from Janice I'm pain free for nearly a week!"
          - Shari G.

"Not only is Janice a teriffic massage therapist, she stays current in her training and gives me the feeling that she honestly cares about her clients and their continued health."
          - Susan L.

"After one of Janice's massages, I'm able to play a more relaxed and better game of golf. I recommend Janice's massages to anyone wanting to improve their golf game!"
          - Grant H.

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